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LIFE Mobile is designed with you in mind, which is why we’ve got tariffs at a range of different prices. Regardless of whether you’re a big talker or data user, there’s a plan to suit you. Take a look at our range of tariffs below.


TariffUK MinutesUK TextsUK 3G DataMonthly Cost
LIFE 100100100100Mb£4.49
LIFE Unlimited
LIFE 5005005001Gb£11.49
LIFE Unlimited

   *20% discount offer applies to the second contract only


LIFE Mobile’s tariffs offer great value and keep you talking, texting and browsing the web for longer. Take a look at the table below for a full rundown of our standard charges.

Standard UK Landlines35p 1
Calls to Mobiles35p 1
Answer Phone Retrieval 35p 1
Call Forwarding Services35p 1
Standard Text Messages12p 2
Photo Messages30.6p 2
Video Messaging51.1p 2
Data£1.00 3

1 Charge per minute. Minimum charge of one minute, then charged per minute thereafter.

2 Charge per messages.

3 Price per day when your bundle has been exceeded - subject to a fair usage cap of 250 MB.

Call Forwarding Services have a telephone number starting with 07 but aren’t treated as a UK call for the purpose of inclusive allowances. This means that calls to these numbers do not form as part of your inclusive minutes bundle, so you will be charged as per the above rate.

For a full list of Call Forwarding Service numbers please click here  pdf-icon


If you’re off on your holidays you’ll want to take your phone with you. To get this set up just call us on the number below. If you do decide to take your mobile abroad with you, check out the roaming charges before you go to avoid being hit by any unexpected charges.

Top 10 destination costs:

Calling to UK (per min)Text fromMMS FromData (mb)
Spain£0.19 1£0.06£0.70£0.20
France£0.19 1£0.06£0.70£0.20
Ireland£0.19 1£0.06£0.70£0.20
Italy£0.19 1£0.06£0.70£0.20
Portugal£0.19 1£0.06£0.70£0.20
Greece£0.19 1£0.06£0.70£0.20
Cyprus£0.19 1£0.06£0.70£0.20
Turkey£1.30 1£0.40£0.75£8.00
USA£1.30 2£0.40£0.75£8.00
Thailand£2.00 2£0.50£1.50£8.00

1 Charge showed per minute. Minimum call charge 30 seconds and charged per second thereafter
2 Charge showed per minute. Calls are rounded up to the nearest minute.

To activate Roaming, call: 500 from your mobile or 08443 221133

For more information on Premium and Other charges please click here  pdf-icon

For a full list of charges when calling abroad or whilst roaming click here   pdf-icon